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By Laura Dobbins
Kindle Book Promos

What is the secret to selling books? If there is one set answer then we would all be rich. Unfortunately, book marketing is necessary and there isn’t one standard method that fits every genre or niche.

So how can you set yourself apart?

Amazon right now is king. With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you at least have a shot at making book sales. There are no guarantees but using some of the proven methods but successful authors is the best place to start:

Some Tips:

• Have a budget (up to $150)

• Use your money to secure promo spots (many sites offer advertising space to spotlight your book during your KDP Select free days – between $5 and $25)

• List your promotion at various websites that announce free promo days for authors. Here is a list of 3: Kindle Book Promos, The Author Marketing Club and The Kindle Book Review.

• Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook


It is important to continue your marketing efforts after your free day promos. During your Kindle Direct Publishing promotion days, your book will see an increase in Amazon rankings. Your book could even hit the top 10 in various categories. This means after the promotion days, your book will be more visible to book buyers for at least 2 days, in some cases up to a week. You want to capitalize on this by pricing your book properly.

• If your book reached the top 10 in overall Kindle Free Books and after your promo days is still in the top paid 100, you want to have it priced between $2.99 and $4.99 to make a good commission at 70 percent of sales.

• If your book dropped out of the top 100 overall Kindle Free Books and also is no longer in the top 100 in any category, then you should adjust the price of your book to .99 and run an extended promo using social media sites.

• Use some of your budget money for further spotlights of your book. For example, World Literary Café offers a $40 Book Buzz package that will tweet about your book to its followers. Another service that has been helpful for my promotions is Book Tweeting Service which has a large audience.

These tips and many other ideas are covered in my book $ell more Ebook$ – how to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing. The paperback is only $10 and my Kindle Book is $2.99 – both available at Amazon.

I also encourage you to visit my site, Kindle Book Promos, for both paid and free book promotion opportunities including our Hot New Release section that features new books – free. My site also lists free Author Tools with book marketing tips and other resources for authors. The Author Profile link lists interviews with successful writers who graciously share their writing, publishing and marketing tips.

Here’s to your success.

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