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Congratulations: Grand Prize Winners

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Meet our Grand Prize Winners

Ken Corre (Fiction) and Jan Pippins (Non Fiction)






LuckyCinda Publishing is proud to announce this year’s Grand Prize Winners:

The Victim Donor by Ken Corre and Henry Darrow: Lightning in the Bottle by Jan Pippins. Both authors demonstrate strong writing skills, compelling prose and engaging content. Their work was selected from among 150 entries.



Fiction: The Victim Donor (A Suspense Thriller)

by Ken Corre

Shocking and Spellbinding

A unique plot with engaging characters. The content is descriptive and bewitching, leading the reader effortlessly through each page and into a climatic ending. This author was born to write – we’re thankful he chose to share his craft. His books will be enjoyed by many, especially by suspense thriller fans.



Non Fiction:

Henry Darrow: Lightning in the Bottle

by Jan Pippins


Electric, Diverse, and Entertaining

Henry Darrow, the actor who played Manolito, is a wonderful trip through the life of an actor who was a pioneer when Latino actors were rarely seen in leading roles. The author offers life-lessons without preaching with her use of humor, historic tidbits and magnetic story-telling.






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